Cell Phone Usage Causes Cancer?

We’ve all heard the rumors of how talking on the cell phone causes brain cancer but is it a proven fact?

According to a recent Danish study which involved 350,000 subscribers for 18 years found no link between cell phone usage and an increased risk of cancer.

The new study, conducted by the Danish Cancer Society and published in the British Medical Journal, is actually an update of an older study that adds five years of follow-up data running through 2007. It found no increased risk of tumors or other forms of cancer believed to be associated with cell phone use, even among those who held mobile phone subscriptions for more than a decade.

The authors of the study concede that their findings cannot be considered definitive and that a “small to moderate increase in risk for subgroups of heavy users or after even longer induction periods than 10-15 years cannot be ruled out” without larger studies.

The Danish study comes just months after World Health Organization research determined that cell phones should be considered “possibly carcinogenic.” The international INTERPHONE study, released last year, also found no connection between cell phone use and cancer, but was widely criticized for being partially funded by the wireless industry.

To find a change in risk in this type of research, the study has to follow millions of users for decades which could exclude some of the heavy cell phone users, namely businessmen who are known to use cell phones more than a regular person.

The study was conducted on individuals 20 years of age or older since a different method is needed for studying them for what is used for adults.

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12 thoughts on “Cell Phone Usage Causes Cancer?

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