When to Cut Back on Web Habits

Would you consider yourself addicted to facebook or twitter or forums or chat rooms or just the internet in general? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. With major breakthroughs in technological advancements, it’s only natural for people to be addicted to the net.

We all know how easy it is to get caught up in social media, to the extent that you’re spending hours on Facebook every day. Maybe not all at once, but throughout the day, those minutes have a tendency to accumulate into big chunks of time. Maybe Twitter is your thing, or instant messaging, or watching silly videos on YouTube, playing games, or maybe even checking your email a hundred times a minute, whatever you’re doing on a regular basis to avoid work, I would consider a “web habit”.

I’m not saying these are “bad habits”, because there’s nothing wrong with adding some fun to your day since you don’t exactly have work colleagues you can talk to, but just like anything else, you have to create priorities and manage your online activities because it all impacts your time, and time = money when you’re in the service industry.

Here are some hints on when you should cut back on web habits:

  • When you start referring to family members as @theirtwittername
  • When you start thinking about what hashtags would be applicable to live conversations
  • When you don’t remember the last time you spent a day free from internet access
  • When you stay up too late/ignore other responsibilities because you are obsessed with reviewing everything in your feed reader

Instead of staying glued to the computer or your cell phone, go outdoors to hike to just to take a fresh breath, NOT to find more bars so you can check your updates or send an email. When was the last time you went without your cell phone or being online? If the answer is more than a year, you have an addiction problem. It’s good to enjoy some time to yourself once in a while. If you are starting to look a little pastie…even in this Buffalo winter, its time to walk away from the computer and restructure your day and your web habits.

What have you done to implement your own web restrictions?

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