Health Rankings: CT in 3rd Place

Connecticut is a healthy place — with a drinking problem, according to the United Health Foundation.

Connecticut moved up one place from fourth to third healthiest state in the U.S. after Vermont and New Hampshire in the 2011 America’s Health Rankings by the foundation established by health insurer UnitedHealth Group, parent to UnitedHealthcare.

Connecticut’s attributes include slow widespread of smoking, obesity and children in poverty. Our state also has a high rate of immunizations compared with residents in other states but that doesn’t mean we’re perfect. CT’s health problems include moderate levels of air pollution and a high prevalence of binge drinking. No surprises there, people love their alcohol and you can’t stop them from drinking but they can control how much they consume.

Connecticut has been ranked between second and seventh place since 1993. I’d say this state is doing pretty good for itself for almost two decades in the health department.

This year, Connecticut edged out Massachusetts, which dropped from second place last year to fifth place this year, behind Hawaii. New Hampshire also moved up, from third place last year to second place this year. Despite CT being one of the states with lowest obesity rates in the U.S., 634,000 adults in CT are obese, which is an increase of 188,000 individuals in the past 10 years. That tells us that as a nation, our eating habits aren’t all that healthy. Grab something healthy to eat once in a while. Your body will thank you.

Other interesting facts about CT health:

  • The percentage of Connecticut adults who smoke decreased from 15.4 percent to 13.2 percent, which is about 364,000.
  •  The rate of diabetes among adults in the state increased from 6.6 percent to 7.3 percent, which is about 201,000.
  • Regionally, New England dominated the U.S. with all six states in the top 10 — Maine is eighth and Rhode Island is 10th. The South fared badly. The bottom five, from 46th to 50th, were Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Mississippi.


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