Happy Friday the 13th!

Friday the 13th are very rare days you come by. This one is special because it’s happening in 2012 which is already shrouded in supernatural predictions, so to celebrate this we will be sharing some spooky facts and recommend some scary videos for you to watch.

Three’s a Charm: In 2012, we will see three Friday the 13th’s (the others fall in April and July), the maximum number that can occur in one calendar year. Interestingly, another year with three Friday the 13th’s had a notoriety similar to that of 2012, although prophesized via literature: George Orwell’s book 1984, about a Big Brother–controlled society, also had many concerned over the eponymous year’s fate.

Birth of Friday the 13: There are different theories on how Friday the 13th came to be, but the prevailing one is linked to The Last Supper. Judas, the apostle who betrayed Jesus, was the 13th person to arrive at dinner, making 13 an unlucky number on any day of the week. Add to that the fact that Jesus died on a Friday, and Friday the 13th gets its bad rap.

Avoiding the Number 13: You may have noticed that most buildings leave out the 13th floor, but did you know that planes often lack a 13th row and some hotels eliminate a Room 13? In Florence, the house between 12 and 14 is actually addressed as 12 and a half.

Risky Business: Some estimates suggest that the U.S. economy loses up to $900 million every time there’s a Friday the 13th—many people avoid business deals, or even work altogether, on the allegedly doomed date.

Nature’s Wrath: There’s no proof that natural disasters are more likely on Friday the 13th, but Australia’s biggest wildfire, Florida’s especially costly Hurricane Charley and Kansas’s “Great Flood of 1951” all occurred on a Friday the 13th.

Very Superstitious: Some of our nation’s most famous 20th-century luminaries feared the day. Henry Ford declined to do any business, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt avoided travel. Rumor has it that FDR refused to roam not only on Friday the 13th, but also on the 13th day of every month.

Top 5 Friday the 13 Movies

1) Final Destination: Nothing beats good old paranoia. People who are highly superstitious will either love this movie or crap their pants watching it.

2) Just My Luck: This movie proves that kissing a stranger leads to a series of bad events. This one is more of a comedy than horror so for comedy lovers, try this one.

3) Ferris Bueller’s Day Off: Superstition isn’t his thing because he is the luckiest guy ever. A modern classic for those who love those types of movies.

4) The Shining: Stephen King has always been a scary writer, especially when you make kids saying weird things that creep you out, like “Red Rum”. That would spell “Murder” backwards. Shivers!!!

5) Friday the 13th: Who wouldn’t want to watch Jason go on his killing spree on the one day he is allowed to go out. You can watch the original ones from 80s and 90s or you can watch the new one which came out in 2009, which wasn’t as great as the old ones.

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