Manage Your Health Care Expenses

Many people think that keeping track of insurance is easy but what most of them fail to realize is that you need to keep your agent up to date on your situation, whether it be health insurance, life insurance or auto insurance. If you’re financially able to pay for health care, managing and understanding it is a difficult task. When you go to the doctor you may not be sure how much the doctor will charge, how much your insurance coverage will pay, and if your deductible is met yet. Juggling and keeping up with all these factors of your health care plan is a lot of work. Even if you wait until your explanation of benefits letter arrives in the mail , it can still be very confusing. You need an easy way to keep track of all these numbers.

I’m sure many of you have heard of It’s a site that lets you manage your money by bringing all your financial accounts together online or on your mobile devices and automatically categorizes your transactions and lets you set budgets and helps you achieve your savings goals. is just like, where it helps you manage your personal health care plan. Use of this site is simple as the site name suggests.

Once you’ve signed up, you simply let Simplee link to your health care providers website and it accesses the data and then it presents it to you in a simple and manageable way. The website will show you how much you were billed for a procedure, how much the insurance company will pay and what you are expected to pay. You don’t have to enter any information because you allow the Simplee website to use your log on information for the health care providers website and Simplee just accesses the information itself.

You can use the information for multiple accounts and family members. It will keep track of your deductibles and even let you know what services your policy covers. Simplee lets you drill down to individual claims to see what your insurance paid, the negotiated discount, and what you owe. It’s like a statement of benefits that actually makes sense.

Simplee currently supports eight of the largest health plans in the U.S (including Aetna, United Healthcare, Cigna, Empire BlueCross BlueShield, and BlueCross BlueShield of California), and is adding more every week.

It is free to sign up, so check it out, you might end making your life a bit easier to manage.

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