Renovating a Condo? Things to know

While there are a lot of benefits to condo living, sharing building facilities means every tenant has a degree of responsibility to the other condo dwellers. When you are thinking about renovating or making structural changes to your apartment, there are a few points you should consider; from condo policies to Connecticut home insurance.

Condo regulations may vary, but in general, you will need to seek permission from the condo or co-op board before undertaking major improvements. This policy is not designed to dismiss any individual’s plans, but is to ensure that any resident will not be making major changes that impact negatively on other tenants. Once you have approval, bear in mind that the noise of construction or building work is likely to be easily heard throughout the building. Try to ensure work is done as quickly as possible and at a time that is going to affect the least number of residents. It may be worth knocking on doors and/or slipping notes in mailboxes to give people warning of any upcoming disturbance.

Whenever any alterations are made to a home, it may also impact your Connecticut home insurance. It is standard that condo board’s insurance covers public areas of a building while your individual insurance protects your apartment’s contents and any structural changes you make inside your condo. Are you doing a few improvements? Contact your insurance agent as soon as you have confirmed your renovation plans so that he or she can keep your policy up to date.

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