How to Prevent a Burglary & Avoid CT Insurance Claims

When it comes to insurance, everyone should consider purchasing Connecticut home insurance for their place. Not only can it provide financial assistance after a natural disaster or fire, a policy may also help compensate you after a burglary.

Did you know that over 15,000 burglaries occurred in CT in 2010 alone? Even though the number of burglaries have dropped down in the past 10 years, it is still a significant number and if you don’t wish to be one of the victims, you should follow the guide to better protecting your home. While a foolproof home security plan does not exist, there are certain steps you can take to deter criminals from breaking in.

  • Keeping the exterior of your home properly lit can deny burglars the darkness they need as they search for a way into your house.
  • Many criminals are on the lookout for a home that appears empty. Avoid making your home a target by purchasing a variable light timer, which will turn your lights on at different times each day.
  • Deadbolts are not easy to get around. It might be a good idea to consider installing one on every exterior door.
  • A solid metal or wooden bar can be inserted into the tract of a sliding glass door. This may prevent someone from opening it from the outside.
  • Many people adopt a puppy to help with security. It does not have to be a vicious animal. Even little yappy dogs make enough noise to make criminal nervous about being noticed.

When an individual is determined to break in, there is very little you can do. Home invasions can turn dangerous quickly if a homeowner puts up a fight. Instead, allow the criminals to take what they want and leave, knowing that you could be compensated by your Connecticut Insurance.

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