Money Saving Tips

There are countless ways to save some extra money. Most people have short term habits that cost them in the long run. Whether it’s picking up fast food for lunch or coffee drinks every day, it all adds up quick. It might be hard to fight such habits but it’s definitely worth it. Do it for yourself. You’ll really appreciate it someday. Read the tips below and see if any sound familiar.

  1. Need Caffeine? These days, it’s really easy to get into a habit of getting a daily item. Whatever it might be, you should try to identify what it is in your daily life. Say you’re working 5 days a week, and you get a $4 coffee every day. You could be saving $20 a week just for cutting that back!
  2. Lunch time. Convenience is easy to find when it comes to food. Fast food can be extremely unhealthy, in addition to being costly after a while. If you get lunch from time to time that’s OK, but try to budget it in rather than making it a bad habit. Besides, home cooked food always tastes better than fast food so bring lunch from home instead.
  3. Commit to saving. It’s always nice to have an emergency stash of cash for yourself right? Have your bank deposit a certain amount of your pay checks into a separate savings account. Even if you only budget in $20 a check, that’s potentially $480 a year! But don’t stop there! Let it grow! Alternatively you could fill a jar or something up with pocket change and watch it fill up over the months.
  4. Be a smart shopper. When was the last time you used coupons for your groceries? Check the newspaper for coupons. Sunday papers usually have lots of coupons in them. You should also check out the deals online, on sites like Groupon, there are local deals for just about anything.
  5. Drive less! Investing on a gas saver might be the way to go if you don’t already get good gas mileage. The cost of gas has always fluctuated and this year we might hit $5/gallon which might be just too much for some people to pay. There are only a few factors you can change yourself. You can travel less, or be more fuel efficient. If nothing else, you could use the other tips to keep up with the cost of driving. Consider public transportation from time to time to save some gas or consider buying a hybrid that gets you 50 mpg or more. You can also use the website GasBuddy to find the cheapest gas prices near you.

So what are your habits? Do you fall under any of these scenarios? If not, then that’s more than I can say for myself! The point is to alter your daily routine to gain a more beneficial long term savings. Of course, you can save a lot on your insurance which would make budgeting for everything else less of a hassle. Assure your getting the best deal, get a free quote on our website or come into our office.

2 thoughts on “Money Saving Tips

  1. jess

    Interesting post and thanks for sharing. Some things in here I have not thought about before.Thanks for making such a cool post which is really very well written.will be referring a lot of friends about this.


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