Prevent Chimney Fires

Did you know that you should have your chimney cleaned once a year even if you do not burn wood in the fireplace?                                                                                                                                                             

Oil burning Chimneys can collect soot and clay over time which is the main reason to have your chimney cleaned annually but it also helps your oil burner work more efficiently.

Gas burning Chimney’s also need to be cleaned even though it is said that gas burns very efficiently.  If there is a blockage in the chimney flue, carbon monoxide could come into your home and put your family in danger.

Fireplace and wood burning chimneys needs to be cleaned more often since creosote builds up in the chimney which could cause a chimney fire.  It is said that Creosote is also harder to remove if it builds up over time.

The National Chimney Sweep Guild  and the National Fire Protection Association both recommend that homeowners call a professional chimney sweep for an annual chimney inspection.

Before they clean, make sure you ask the contractor for a certificate of insurance.

For more information on this topic, give us a call at 860 684 2721

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