Do you really think that social networks make you closer to your friends?

I have been thinking about this topic so many times. Still, I am little confused. I can tell that 90% of my Facebook friends   are people that I know. But, very few were exposed to my personal life before Facebook. Guess what … those few do not contact me over the Facebook at all. We still prefer to use phone, Skype, or dates to enjoy in our relationships. Moreover, we check each other Facebook updates very rarely, mostly to keep up on their photos. Still, I have to use my Facebook account every day. Why is that if my need for friends has been fulfilled already?

Hm … In my opinion, the whole idea of small town effect that social networks have is the reason. I think that I use Facebook because of the need to be recognized in the bunch, or heard when there is nobody to listen to me. Is social network the best way to scan others and compare them with you? So, you can rank yourself better… and be satisfied or not with your own achievements.  My true friendships are placed in another, not virtual, dimension. After all, I think that social networks make me closer to what I want to be rather than to make me closer to my friends.

Is all this only freaking me out or there is someone else who would agree with me?

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