Save money on gas on your next vacation

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Vacation season is here.  If you haven’t planned your summer vacation yet, you more than likely are working on it.  Many of us choose not to fly and prefer to drive, but this can be costly as well.  With Summer so close, those gas prices are bound to increase.  So here are some great tips on how to save money on gas with your next road trip.

We are on facebook, twitter and pinterest every day and hopefully our new mobile app too, why not check out some of these great websites and apps to keep track of which gas stations in your area have the best prices. Here are two that are widely used.
2. Buy Gas On A Wednesday
According to “gas experts” gas prices tend to be their highest on weekends. If that is true, then Wednesdays would be the day of the week when prices would be at their lowest.
3. Rewards Programs
More and more grocery stores and other retail establishments are offering store discount cards. Investigate your grocery store to see if they offer one.  Many of these discount cards offer up to 20 cents off a gallon, which can add up to a lot of money saved over a period of time.
4. Cash or Credit
Paying with cash versus credit at many gas stations can save you as much as 10 cents a gallon.  Every penny helps.
5. Pump Your Own Gas
Seems like a no-brainer to us, but you would be surprised how many people would rather pay almost 20 cents more to have someone else pump their gas. If you can save that much pumping your own gas, seems like a good trade-off.
6. Renting a Hybrid Car
Consider renting a car for your trip.  If you have a larger SUV or Truck taking that on vacation may cost more in gas then the vacation itself.  Check out your local car rental agencies and see what they have for small hybrid cars available.  Not only will you save on gas, put you won’t but the miles on your car.  Always remember to get car rental insurance as well.
We hope these tips will be helpful in saving some money for your next vacation.  Summer is almost here, so get out there and enjoy the open road.
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