Keep your home cool without air conditioning

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Well Summer is almost here.  With unseasonably warm temperatures we experienced early on in the season, we may have had the urge to turn on the air conditioning.  Many of us are just trying to recoup from the heating season still. Here are some great tips to keep your home cool without  air conditioning and raising your electric bill.

  • Keep your shades/blinds drawn during the day to keep out heat
  • As the evening approaches open windows to allow the cooler air in
  • Insulate-get the caulking gun out and seal up your windows to keep warm air out and cool air from escaping
  • Replace your incandescent lights.  Not only do they use more energy they produce more heat. Using LED or CFL lights will decrease heat and energy used.
  • Make sure your ceiling fans are running counter clockwise to circulate cooler air
  • Avoid using your stove and oven during the warm weather season.  Cookout doors.
  • Dress in loose fitting, light colored clothes.  It goes a long way in keeping you cool.
  • Trouble sleeping at night because of the heat?  Try switching out your regular pillow to a buckwheat pillow…yes buckwheat.  Buckwheat does not hold your body heat like your regular pillow will.
  • Lastly: plant a tree on the sunny side of your home.  The shade from the tree will help keep your home cool.

Using these tips can help you keep your home cool without air conditioning and hopefully save you some money too.

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