Small Business Tips: Promoting

As we discussed in our last segment, using a variety of email marketing, networking and print media tools is another great way to market your small business.  But wait, there is more you can do. It’s Branding, Promotions and Trade Shows.  This type of marketing can cost your business some money, but be selective in what you do and you can make your money stretch and get the best combination of marketing for your business.


The Definition of Branding is the process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumers’s mind, mainly through advertising campaigns and a consistent theme. Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers.

Now as we having been discussing all the options a small business has when marketing, the most important thing is to remember you are Branding your business.  If you haven’t come up with a unique logo for your business as of yet, this would be good time to think about getting one.  Whether it is a logo you design and draw yourself, or have a company or local artist do for you, it is necessary to have this before you start your marketing.  Use this logo everywhere.  Put it on your business cards, use in all your social media, in your email signature, in your advertisements…where every you plan to market your business.  Your logo is your brand.  Your brand is what people will recognize and remember.  So make it unique and something that will stick in your customers minds.

Promotional Items

Once you have your logo and unique name, you have some other great options to marketing your businesses.  Consider promotional items, meaning such things as pens, clips, note pads and water bottles to name a few.  The options are endless, but can get very expensive.  So start small with something like a pen that you can hand out to each customer with your business name, logo, and phone number on it.  We all use pens and when someone goes to use your business’s pen, they now have a reminder of your business.  There are a large amount of companies that provide promotional items for your business.  Do a quick search online in your local area and you are sure to pull up several.

Trade Shows

Trade shows are a amazing way to market your business.  Now some of the larger ones can be costly, upwards of $1500 dollars, but you have to stop and think how this can build your business.  Trade Shows are the best way to meet new customers that would be interested in your service or product. Choose a show that best fits your business.  An excellent trade show for any business would be The CT Business Expo.  Also check with your local Chamber of Commerce as they usually hold a business showcase each year, which usually only runs a few hundred dollars.  This style of trade show may be more effective for your business when just starting out.  It attracts local, potential customers.  A great chance to meet new people, exchange business cards and sell yourself and business.  Now depending on your type of business, there are other options as well.  Say you are an artist, you could consider looking for local art shows in the area that allow you to setup a table for a small fee and display your work.  These types of shows are all over and can give you a great opportunity to market your business on a small budget.

Well we hope these few suggestions continue to help you with marketing your own small business. Always remember, a combination of marketing tactics is what works the best. If one type of marketing isn’t giving you the return you expect, try something new.  Always remember you are branding your business through all your marketing efforts.

Next week we will discuss using videos and youtube to help market your small business.

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