Keeping furry friends cool in the heat

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We are always looking for a way to keep ourselves cool in heat of the summer.  This week has proved that summer is here.  Temperatures hovering around 90 for the last few days with high levels of humidity.  It’s hard enough on us to stay cool, but what about our furry friends.  They can’t tell us their hot and uncomfortable.  It’s our job to check on them and provide them solutions to this heat.

Here are so great suggestions you can try to keep your furry friends cool and comfortable during excessive heat and humidity.

Cooling pet beds: A mat that you fill up with water and put on the hardwood floor. It is maintenance free, wipes clean easily and doesn’t allow fleas or ticks to penetrate.

Cool-it Bandana: Secure the bandana your dog’s neck just like an everyday bandana.  Soak the Cool-It Bandana for 15-30 minutes before placing it on your pup. Cooling beads inside the bandana help keep the water at a low temperature for hours.

Water: Use a self-watering pet bowl throughout the house, to be sure there is always an ample supply of water.

Frosty Paws:  A great treat you can buy right at your local grocery store, located in the pet food isle.  They are little frozen treat cups that your dog will surely enjoy and helps to keep them cool.

Ice cubes:  Take out a few ice cubes from the freezer and offer them to your dog.  If needed break them up into smaller pieces.  Most dogs will be happy to chew on an ice cube, it helps hydrate them and cool them down quickly.

Outdoor Activities: Avoid prolonged activity outdoors.  Shorten your daily walks during excessive heat.

Hair Cut: Give you pets a hair cut at the beginning of summer.  A short hair cut will help keep them cooler.

Swimming:  Do you have a local lake or pond near you?  Consider taking Fido for a swim in the evening on hot days.  Most dogs enjoy the water, and this will be a chance for him to have fun and cool down.

You can check your local pet stores as well for a variety of other options to help keep your pets cool during the heat of the summer.

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