Pool Safety Tips

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Well Summer is here, as we’ve noticed by the increasing hot temperatures this week.  But if you have a pool, you are really enjoying this weather. We have to remember as fun as playing in the pool can be, there are safety tips we should all follow to make sure we have a fun and safe Summer.

Here are some great Pool Safety Tips from Poolsafely.gov


  1.  Supervision: Always watch your children and never leave them unattended around pools and spas. Share safety instructions with family, neighbors and friends.
  2. Fencing: Install a fence around the entire pool with self-closing and self-latching gates. If your house serves as the fourth wall of a fence install pool and door alarms.
  3. Pool and Spa Covers: Install pool and spa covers to keep children out. Keep them in good working order.
  4. Alarms: Install alarms in the pool and on any access doors to the pool to let you know when someone is in the pool or pool area.
  5. Safety Drain Covers: Ensure that your pool has compliant drain covers that prevent suction entrapment’s.
  6. Swimming Lessons: Learn how to swim and teach your children to swim. Make sure your family knows basic water safety steps.
  7. Learn CPR: Learn to perform CPR on children and adults; update those skills regularly.

These tips could help prevent an accidental injury or death.  Having a pool is fun, but safety should always be first.  Make sure to check your homeowners policy to be sure your covered as well for any possible liabilities.

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