Small Business Marketing: Videos

In our last segment we discussed some options to help promote your small business.  As there are so many Marketing strategies you can use, one that we haven’t mentioned yet is videos.  Videos can be phenomenal way to help market your small business. Making videos are not as difficult as you make think.  Today’s smart phones all have a video camera built in.  Take advantage of that, if you don’t have a video camera.  But it you are looking to get a video camera, there a variety of options ranging from around $100 to $500.  If you are willing to spend the money, than get the best video camera you can afford.

Videos are a great way to reach your customers and get a little personal with your customers.  Videos help showcase you and your business.  Tip: keeping your video 1 minute or less is the ideal for SEO and your website.  Videos that are too long, can take a while to load on your website.  If someone has to wait for your video to load, they may just move to another page, or worst of all leave your website all together.

Now lets talk about making a video.  You have several options, one of them will work best for you. If you go the route of using a video camera, then you’ll want to have someone with a little experience shoot the video for you.  Pick a quiet spot in your business to shoot your video.  Try to keep your background a neutral, light color.  What to wear in this video?  You can dress business casual or full dress.  Either way, try to stay away from bright colors and prints. What to say?  That’s always the hardest part. A great suggestion is to write up a script for your video. Rehearse the script until you are comfortable with it. You can keep the script next to you while filming, if you need to reference it. Be natural and smile.  Look at your camera person when speaking instead of straight into the camera.  It may take several takes, but you’ll get it right.

Now that you’ve completed the video you have some options on editing your video. You can use Microsoft Movie Maker or YouTube.  Both have a variety of options to help you with editing. Once you have completed your the editing of your video, you’ll want to upload it to your YouTube page for your business.  If you don’t have one, be sure to sign up for one first.  Once you have this video uploaded, you know can share the video on your Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest and more.  You also should upload the video on your website. A short video on your home page is a good way to connect with potential customers.

Here is a link to a video we did using Animoto. 

Another option to making a creative video can be done using Animoto.  This is a great software, and does offer a free version, but for full features you’ll want to pay for a subscription. Animoto allows you to use pictures, 10 second video clips and text to build your video.  There is a variety of templates to use to help personalize your video. Once you have completed your video, you can save it, email it and export to your YouTube page and Facebook page.

Building a video about your business will help increase your exposure online.  It’s a great way for people to know more about you and your business.  So get out your video camera, or phone camera and give it a try.  You’ll be happy you did.

Next week we will discuss other tips that can help your Small Business with marketing.

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