New Driver in the Home?

This is an important milestone in the life of your teenager.  Getting their license is so exciting for a teenager, but comes with a lot of responsibility.  For parents this can be a difficult but rewarding time as well.  Knowing that your teenager is taking steps toward becoming independent. As parents we want to be sure our teenagers are safe out on the road.  Here are a few ways to help teach your new driver to be a safe driver.

Set a good example

There are many ways a parent can  help teach their teenager to be a safe and cautious driver.  The most important thing to remember is to set a good example for your new driver.  Model good driving behaviors. Follow the rules of the road.Instructing them in the proper way to drive, and then not following those instructions ourselves is hypocritical. And we shouldn’t be surprised if our teens feel the need to correct us when they see bad driving habits behind the wheel. Teaching our teens to drive can make us all better drivers.


Often times we parents think that the way we learned – the hard way through trial and error – is the best way.  But it isn’t. Times have changed, as have the risks. The experts say we should continue to monitor the progress of our teens even after they get their license because the first year is when teens are most likely to crash. Practice with them through once-a-week ride-alongs, for at least 6 months. A year is better. Go on short trips with them. Experience how they drive. Do YOU feel safe? Have them do difficult things — not just cruise over to the local mall.

Parent Teen Agreement

A written, signed agreement with your teen is a great way to help reduce crash risk.It can be very simple, here is a version you can print and discuss. But you can also create your own.

Make sure you set clear expectations and that you both understand how these can change over time. Restrictions should be set early in the process and later relaxed as your teen gets more experience on the road.

The best agreement is a written document.  It contains restrictions, privileges, rules and consequences.  It is a reference. It makes it hard for either you or your teen to “forget” or bend the rules.  It’s a big help when the inevitable request for an exception arises. And when that exception is granted it helps to ensure that it stays an exception.

The agreement might include financial issues, personal safety, maintenance procedures and ways the family will share the car.  Keep the document as simple as possible and focus on driving safety.​​​​​​​​

Here is a great video from the new teen drivers perspective.

We hope this information has been helpful to you and your new teen driver.  And for more information regarding insurance for your new driver, Penny Hanley & Howley Insurance will be here to help you.

Protecting You is our Job

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