Affordable ways to vacation

vacation, phh insuranceWith the summer upon us, we all are hopefully enjoying some vacation time.  We all have a variety of styles of vacationing, from fancy hotels, to cabins in the woods, camping by tent and RV camping.  With the economy still tough many of us are looking for ways to still take a vacation but on a smaller budget.   So here are a few ideas to still enjoy a vacation and keep it affordable.


RV Camping

RV camping is a great option when vacationing.  You get to enjoy the open road, pick your destinations along the way and view a lot more natural beauty offered by mother nature. RV camping vacations were found to cost about 50% less than driving the family car and staying in hotels, 60% less than traveling by bus or train and staying in a hotel or motel, and 70% less than flying to a vacation destination and staying in a hotel.

Stay Local

Look for local attractions in your state, whether it be a state park or beach.  Staying in state can help decrease your gas costs and many times there are local discounts available.

Go with friends

Share a vacation with friends or family.  This will allow you to split the costs of hotel and gas with others.  While providing you a chance to enjoy a vacation with your friends.


Don’t have an RV, well you can still go camping.  Camping has been a long-time favorite vacation for many.  Camp site are very reasonable in cost and have a variety of activities on-site for great family vacations.

Book in off season

If you are one that doesn’t mind vacationing outside of peak vacation time, this can save you a lot of money when booking a hotel.  Consider booking your vacation in the spring or late fall.

Regardless of how you vacation there are many options to making it affordable and enjoyable.

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