Small Business Tips: Go Mobile

Going Mobile

So you have been in business for a while now, using social media, blogging and other marketing strategies.  What else can I do to increase my reach to customers you ask?  The world is going mobile if you haven’t already noticed. We use our smart phones and tablets every day.  We check our Facebook, Twitter and email accounts right from our phones or tablets.  If we are doing this daily, so are the majority of your customers.  So why not make your business available to them on their phones and tablets.  It only makes sense doesn’t it?  How many APPs do you have downloaded on your phone?  I personally have quite a bit.  I use many of them on a regular basis.  Now you are thinking, an APP for my business, I can’t afford that.  Well you would be surprised.  We recently had an APP built for our company using a local small business that builds APPs for other small businesses.  Compared to the large companies that build APPs, his prices were more than affordable.  So don’t assume your business can’t afford an APP.  Look around in your area for a local small business that offers this service.  Not only will you be supporting another small business, but the service you will receive will be much more personal as well as more affordable.

The benefits of having an APP.

Let’s look into what an APP can do for your business.  Let’s take for example you own a small art store.  Now you probably have a variety of product, possibly events you hold, sales and other special promotions.  All of these things can be put into an APP.  Making these available to your customer’s right at their fingertips.  Image your customers can go to your APP and find out what your weekly sale is, what promotions you might be offering for the month, or even a calendar of your events or community events.  You can even have a coupon section for your customers.  Your loyal customers will be thrilled to have this information readily available to them.   Now you are front and center with your customers on a regular basis.  APPs also have a push notification feature, which allows you to send out notices to people who have downloaded your APP.  Now this can be a little touchy, you don’t want to overdue the push notifications, as you could drive away customers.  So be careful with how often you send out a notification and make sure it’s something they want to know about, a special sale or promotion you are offering or an upcoming event. You can also have access to your social media right from the APP.  So now your customers can go right to your Facebook page while on your APP and keep up with what’s going on. The goal is to always be on your customers brains as well as providing them useful information and tools they will appreciate.   Another way to continue building a long-lasting relationship with your customers.

Here is a screen shot of some of what our APP offers to our customers.

mobile app

Trust me when I say, if an Insurance Agency can make good use of an APP and have their customers download it, you can to. Give our APP a whirl and tell us what you think.

We hope you found this information useful for your business.

For CT Small Business Insurance, Penny Hanley & Howley Insurance has all our insurance needs covered.

Penny Hanley & Howley Insurance

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