Where to hide your valuables

head of lettuceIn light of the recent amount of break-ins in the area over the last three weeks, we thought we would discuss some ways to keep your valuables protected.

The obvious would include keeping your doors and windows locked when you are not home and once you’ve gone to bed for the evening.  Other deterrents would be deadbolts, alarms and lights. If you are headed on vacation, consider keeping your blinds/shades closed so no one can see in your home.  As we discussed in a previous blog, when on vacation ask neighbors to pickup your mail and newspapers, so it’s not obvious to thieves you are on vacation.

Even after doing your best to deter a robbery, it can still happen.  One of the first rooms burglars will likely scour is the master bedroom, because it is generally where jewelry, cash and security safes are located. Other places such as the living room and home office will be targeted next. Many people have decided to find other ways to at least hide their valuables if a break-in does occur.  Here are some suggestions on where you can hide your valuables.

1. Air Vents: you can install a faux air vent storage unit in your home

2. Bedroom Mirror: they make bedroom mirrors with secret storage in them

3. Wall Art: have an old built in medicine cabinet you are no longer using.  Add a piece of art to the door as a diversion, and now you have a safe spot for valuables

4. Pantry Items and Cleaning Supplies: diversion safes that look like Trader’s Joe’s Sea Salt just to name one type

5. Closet Lighting: they make a working wall light that has hidden storage in it

6. Books:  they actually sell secret safe books, looks like a regular book, but it’s a safe

7. Old vacuum cleaner: unless the thief plans to clean house for you, this would not be a typical place to look

8. Head of Lettuce: this has to be the funniest of all the places to hide your valuables

Remember to make sure you valuables are protecting with proper insurance in the event a break-in happens to you.

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