Small Business Tips: Reaching new customers

So we have been discussing a variety of ways to market your business over the last several weeks.  We hope these tips have been helpful for your business.  Today we will discussion some other options your business can do to catch the attention of new customers.

Events:  Have you tried holding special events at your business?  Well, events can pull in a lot of new customers that have never set foot in your business before and also attract repeat customers.  Consider holding an event a couple times a year.  Such things as a ladies night out, wine tasting, customer appreciation day are just a few ideas.  Your current customers will appreciate your efforts and more than likely you will drawn in new customers as well.

Classes: Does you business have a specialty?  Well focus on that and offer a monthly class to the public.  Not only will you reach your current customers, but you will peak interest of others who may want to learn and could potentially be your new customers. This will also give you a break from your everyday routines, and you might just find you enjoy holding classes.

Local Fairs:  Do you have a product the public would be interested in?  Of course you do.  So escape the walls of your business every once in a while and hit a local fair or trade show.  This allows you to reach a new audience you may not reach otherwise. This is always one of the best ways to network with other businesses.

These are just a few more ideas on how to market your business effectively and gain new customers.

Tell us some great ways you have used to market your business.  Sharing your ideas may help another business.  Small businesses need the support of other small businesses to keep going.

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