National Stop on Red Week

national stop on red weekNational Stop on Red Week is an effort to reduce the number of crashes where the driver runs a red light. In 1995, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) created  the Stop Red-Light Running Program to help educate the public on the dangers of red-light running and increase enforcement at a grassroots, community  level. A key platform of this effort is National Stop on Red Week, which takes place annually the first week of  August, and during which communities across the country bring  national visibility to this deadly traffic problem and step up enforcement  efforts.

Here is a great video from the Traffic Safety Coalition.

The Federal Highway Administration provides a variety of activities local communities can do to help promote National Stop on Red Week.  Here are Ten Activities that can be used to help promote in your community.

  • Press conference Hold a press conference to announce national and statewide  statistics gathered from local law enforcement agencies, FHWA and/or other  sources.
  • Proclamations Encourage the Governor and State legislators to support  National Stop on Red week, and work with them to enact tougher penalties and to  support enforcement efforts.
  • Pledges Motivate drivers to sign a pledge to stop running red  lights. Deliver the pledges to the statehouse lawn during a press event, or  consider engaging the support of local businesses and civic venues (such as  public libraries, civic centers or schools) to encourage pledges.
  • Radio and TV  promotions Encourage radio and TV stations to promote National Stop on  Red week. Radio stations can do live broadcasts from high-crash intersections  in town. Stations can give away promotional items in support of the week. TV  stations can air public service  announcements (PSAs).
  • Schools Work with the local school system to ask all children to  wear red during the week.
  • Police ride-alongs Encourage journalists to ride along with police officers as  they make traffic stops.
  • Stop Red-Light  Running posters Hang posters at schools, local businesses, and other  high-visibility areas.
  • Movie Theater slides Work with a local movie theater to include a “Stop Red-Light  Running” slide in the pre-film slide presentation.
  • Paycheck reminders Encourage local employers to develop paycheck reminders  announcing the week and providing safe driving tips.
  • Billboards Seek donated advertising space on billboards, buses,  cabs, and at gas stations.

Drive safely and always follow the rules of the road.

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source info:

Traffic Safety Coalition



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