What Labor Day Means to Us

happy labor dayLabor Day weekend is upon us.  Labor Day  has always been the unofficial end of the Summer.  As the children head back to school, our Summer vacations have now come to an end.  We look forward to a change in weather, as the temperatures cool down with the approach of Fall. With the change in weather and seasons approaching we also look forward to the Fall foliage. Fall in New England is unmistakably one of the most beautiful times of year.

With change in seasons, we also need to look at preparing our homes for the upcoming changes in weather.  As the leaves start to fall, we will want to make sure we keep the gutters free of leaves to prevent issues with drainage.  Also take this time to cut back your hedges and any overgrown trees in and around your home to prevent any issues as we grow closer to winter.

Here are a few Fall maintenance tips for around your home.

  1. Check your roof/gutters and downspouts for debris
  2. Examine the grounds of your property- check walkways for cracks and loose paving material
  3. Change the filters in stove vents, clothes dryers, and heating systems
  4. Prepare your fireplace: as many have fireplaces for supplemental heating, this is the time to clean out dampers and have your chimney swept.
  5. Check your windows and doors for drafts.  Take advantage of the warmer weather and replace old cocking on doors and windows before the snow approaches.
  6. Seasonal furniture:  Once you have taken that last dip in the pool this summer, be sure to power wash all outdoor furniture and store away for the winter months.
  7. Outdoor power tools:  Have these all serviced and ready for the upcoming seasons.

Let’s not forget the real meaning we celebrate Labor Day.  Labor Day is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to social and economic achievements of the American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.

We wish everyone a wonderful Labor Day weekend.  Get out there and enjoy the weather and stay safe.

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