Business Partner Program

Back in January of this year we started the Business Partner Program.  This program is offered to all our business clients and local small businesses.  We started this program as a way to give back to our community and our businesses.  Many small businesses just don’t have the time or money to promote themselves.  So we thought this was a great chance to offer this program and help a variety of small businesses with their promotion with a short one minute video.  Videos help increase SEO for your website and also help reach your audience in a different way.  Giving your customers and fans a chance to learn about you and your business on a more personal basis.

Since starting our Business Partner Program in January, we have filmed 12 different companies.  Each video a little different based on the type of small business.  The feedback from the businesses and community has been great.  Small Businesses that have taken part in the program have been very pleased with the response they have received.  So as we continue to move forward with our mission to help small businesses succeed, we look forward to the upcoming videos we will be doing this fall.  Look for these upcoming businesses videos soon: Middle Ground Café, Rustology and Stafford Dance Academy.

If you haven’t had a chance to catch the videos we done so far here is the most one we just completed.  You can watch all the videos on our YouTube Channel as well.

If you are a local business in Stafford, or Tolland County and would like to be part of our Business Partner Program please contact Renee at or call 860-458-9360.  We are currently booking for late September and October.

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