The importance of Life Insurance

Life Insurance is one of those things we really never stop to think about how important it really is.  We came across this great blog that explains the true benefits of Life Insurance.  Don’t wait till it’s too late.

Blog written by Retire Station Network

Life insurance is worth every penny. But the tragic truth of it is that most people put off buying life insurance, because they see it as a “far off” type of insurance that has no real value earlier in life. However, the fact of the matter is that life insurance provides a peace of mind that nothing else really can. Though life insurance packages vary depending on the type of coverage might want as well as the amount of money they are willing to spend on such protection, each type provides the same general aura of self-assurance. This is because the Benefits of Life Insurance include:

Life insurance offers mortgage protection.

This specific type of coverage ensures that if a member of the family dies and that member is essential to the paying of mortgage loans, that amount will be handled, in part or in whole, by the policy premium. This allows those left behind to have defrayed mortgage payments to compensate for the loss of income.

Life insurance offers income replacement.

In the same way, if a major breadwinner of the household passes away, income replacement will be necessary to see to it that all other bills and necessities are handled. This ensures that those left behind are not left holding the proverbial bag.

Life insurance handles final expenses.

Funeral costs, medical bills and anything else that comes as a result of a member of the family passing can be handled by life insurance. With the amount paid to the beneficiary, final expenses are taken care of as well, even if the final expenses turn out to be higher than anticipated.

Life insurance can be geared towards college funding.

College funding is a major concern to many individuals. They want to know how their children will be able to pay for the vast expense of college. If those dependents were relying on the income of a loved one who passes away, this type of protection will compensate for the loss.

Though such things are not exactly pleasant to think about, it is worth looking into this type of coverage to ensure that the aforementioned concerns are seen to properly.

For more information on Life Insurance give Penny Hanley & Howley Insurance a call at 860-684-2721.

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