September is Self-improvement month

september self-improvement monthWere you aware that September is self-Improvement month? We may not have stuck to our New Year’s resolutions, but this doesn’t mean we can’t take the time this month to think of some ways to improve ourselves. Here are some great suggestions that you might think about trying.

  1. Set goals:  give yourself some goals to look forward to whether in the immediate future or distant future.
  2. Think positive:  thinking positive will bring out the best in you.  Steer away from negativity.  Try to look at the brighter side of things.
  3. Be grateful: express gratitude whenever you can.  Gratitude really does wonders.
  4. Exercise: even a 20 minute light work-out can lower stress make you feel better mentally and physically
  5. Increase your knowledge:  study a subject that you’ve always wanted to learn more about.  This will boost your confidence and increase your intelligence.
  6. Get organized: try planning your day in advance to help you keep you more organized.  Spend the day going through important documents and getting them organized (such as your home and auto insurance records)
  7. Surround yourself with good people: Associate with people with positive people.  Spend time with friends and family that make you feel loved and respected.
  8. Treat yourself: take care of yourself first.  Look after your health and happiness.
  9. Travel: seek new adventures, try new things, go to places you always wanted to visit
  10. Finish what you started: don’t leave things undone.  Finish what you start and only take on projects that you know you can finish in a timely manner.
  11. Find a hobby: is there something you’ve always wanted to learn.  Take on a hobby, not only do you learn something new you can relax and enjoy it.
  12. Change one habit: find one habit that you would like to change and work on it.  This will make you a better person.

These are just a few examples of things you can do to improve yourself.  We hope you will take the time to try a few.

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