200th Blog Post

200th postYesterday was our 200th blog post.  Wow, amazing how quickly that adds up over time. Blogging has become part of our daily marketing strategy.

We only started blogging a little over a year ago, with the intent to start out slow and work our way up to more frequent posting.  We now post daily during the work week. As we’ve discussed in some of our previous Business Tips Blogs, starting small with blogging is ok.  You need to get comfortable with it before blogging more frequently. Blogging about your business should start to come easier over time.

We would like to say thank you to all who are following our blog posts daily and hope that we have been providing you valuable information along with some fun and interesting info too.

We want to hear from you our followers.  What posts where most interesting to you and what would you like to see us post in the future months?

As we know Insurance isn’t that exciting of a topic, but we always want to keep our followers informed about insurance and hope it helps you.  So we try to mix it up with posts relevant to insurance along with fun and interesting facts.

So it’s up to you the readers!  What do you want to see?  Let us know.

Here are some great past blogs that caught our readers attention.

Chance to View 5 Planets in the Night Sky

New Driving Laws

Connecticut Cell Phone Laws and Safety

Weird and Crazy Insurance Claims

Napping an important part of your day

Thanks again to all our followers. We look forward to hearing your comments and providing you the information you are looking for.  Look for our next blog tomorrow, and as it’s Friday we’ll be doing something fun.

Remember Penny Hanley & Howley Insurance is here for all your Connecticut Insurance needs.

Protecting You is our Job

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