Insurance: Cheaper isn’t always better

connecticut insuranceIn today’s economy we are all looking for ways to cut costs.  From our electric bills, phone bills and insurance bills.  It’s important though to realize that choosing a cheaper auto or home insurance may not always be the best decision.  Will that cheaper policy protect you properly? Will you get the service you need when you have an accident? If you have a house fire, will your claim be handled properly?  These are questions you need to stop and ask yourself when you are looking to cut costs on your insurance. You need to be educated on what insurance policy is best for your situation.

In this age of the internet many are starting to look at the numerous online insurance companies popping up, with hopes to save money. Many of these companies will offer good rates and service, but many may not. You need to do your research and analyze your needs.

But it’s not just about the rates.

Looking for the right insurance shouldn’t be just about the cost.  You have to consider the service that comes with that cheaper policy.

Having a trusted insurance agent that provides you quality service when you have a claim, knows their customers personally and educates you on what policies are best for your situation is what may make the difference for you. So you need to consider what you need as the insured.  Are you looking for just the cheapest price or online convenience or are you looking for service, knowledge and choices? Your local agents know the need to have convenience online and many now have the option for you to get fast quotes right from their websites but are still available at a local office as well.

Another thing to consider is location.  Having a local insurance agent may be what you want.  A local office that you can stop into when you have questions vs. sitting on hold waiting for your call to be answered.

We know everyone needs to save money somewhere, but choosing the wrong auto or home policy may cost you more in the longer run. When considering your options, feel free to give Penny Hanley & Howley Insurance a call and we will be happy to educate you on the many options available to you.


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