What to do after an Auto Accident?

Safe Driving can always help in reducing your chances of an accident, but accidents will happen and knowing what to do after an accident can be very helpful.

Insurance Information Institute provides this video with tips on what to do after you are in an accident.


1. Pull your car over to the shoulder to a safe location

2. Call the Police

3. Don’t talk with the other driver regarding your insurance coverage or fault

4. Exchange Information with other driver:

  • Name of other driver
  • Address of other driver
  • License number
  • Vehicle Information: Make, Model and Year

5.  Time and Location of Accident

  • Drawing a diagram of the accident can also be very helpful

6.  Name of police officer that responded to the call

7. Insurance Information

  • Policy Number
  • Name of Insurance Company
  • Address of Insurance Company

8. Take Pictures with your cell phone

9. Call your Insurance Agent

These simple steps will help make your claim process easier.

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