Students Beware: Comments on social media may cost you more than you know

social media and collegeWe came across this article in the NY Times recently, about a high school senior that was attending a college information session for prospect students in Brunswick, Me.  The college is still talking about it.  Apparently throughout the presentation, the student was making derogatory comments on Twitter about the fellow attendees and using expletives.

Apparently this young student was unaware of the affects this may have on her, as colleges keep track of their social media and saw her remarks. Scott Meiklejoh, Bowdoin, Dean of Admissions stated, “It was incredibly unusual and foolish of her to do that”.  Ultimately she was denied admission based on her academic record, but had her academic record been better those remarks could have ruined her chances.

We understand that social  media is the primary source our children use to connect with the outside world today.  What our children need to be aware of is that others are seeing their comments, even people they don’t expect to see them.  Is it worth taking the chance of not getting into college over some thoughts that you felt the need to put on social media.  Probably not.  So if you have a student applying for college next year, it may be worth sitting down and talking with them about how to represent themselves not only in person, but online.

Here is the link to the full article.  Please share with your children and have them share with their friends as well. They don’t want to put themselves in this type of situation and possibly ruin their changes at getting into the college of their choice.

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One thought on “Students Beware: Comments on social media may cost you more than you know

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    As parents, it is our responsibility to teach our children. This will help them to face whatever it is that life has in store for them in their future. We need to teach them how to be responsible in every little thing that they do, especially when making their own decisions ’cause this will definitely affect their future. Thank you for sharing! Will definitely share this article to friends and families.

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