IntelliDrive by Travelers

travelers insuranceLooking to save some money on your Travelers Insurance.  Here is a fairly new program Travelers started for drivers to save on their auto insurance.

As an IntelliDrive customer, you can save money while gaining extra peace of mind. Getting started takes minutes and your first benefit starts as soon as you sign up!

There are two ways to save with IntelliDrive:

  • Simply by signing up. When you sign up for IntelliDrive, you can receive an immediate discount off of your first term vehicle premium
  • By driving less. When your policy renews, you could save on each of your low mileage vehicles. With our graduated low mileage discount, the less you drive, the more you can save!

How does IntelliDrive actually work?

Once you become an IntelliDrive customer, you will receive a small device in the mail for every vehicle you enroll in the program.

Getting started is easy.

  1. Register each device on the IntelliDrive website according to the instructions in the box.
  2. Plug the device into the diagnostic port under your car’s dashboard.
  3. Wait 1-2 minutes before starting your vehicle. It’s that simple. The device will configure in a few minutes and you will be up and running.

How do I get the extra peace of mind?

IntelliDrive not only tracks mileage, it tracks how and where your car is being driven so that you can better understand and improve driving behavior. You can then access this data through a secure website.

Information includes:

  • Where the car is driven and the time of day
  • Average speed
  • Braking and acceleration

Parents play an important role in teaching teens how to drive safely and in helping them to develop confidence behind the wheel. As your teen gains experience, responsible driving behavior needs to be an ongoing conversation. IntelliDrive can help.

You and your teen can review the information that Intellidrive captures to help them understand their own driving behavior, set goals and track progress. As parents, it can be reassuring to know that good driving behaviors are being reinforced, even when you aren’t with them.

Interested in getting the IntelliDrive for your vehicle, just give us a call at the office at 860-684-2721 and we will be happy to get you setup.

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One thought on “IntelliDrive by Travelers

  1. Jeff

    This sounds interesting…. This should be very useful for parents out there who always wonder where there “teens” are going and how fast they are driving. Cool!


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