Will bitter cold temperatures affect your vehicle?

cold temperatures and your carBitter cold temperatures can have negative effects on your vehicle.  Remember these tips to keep your car protected during winter months.

Windshields: Never use hot water to clear a frosted windshield, as you will crack. Some safe alternatives include: Frost Buster, Prestone Heat or ordinary rubbing alcohol.

Engine Block: your engine block is more vulnerable to cracking in freezing temperatures.  Make sure to use the correct coolant type and mix when topping up.  Never add plain water alone, as it will dilute the mixture and lessen freeze-up protection.

Heaters will delay engine warm-up: With newer autos provide interior heat almost immediately, but this causes a delay in the engine warm-up.  Waiting 20 minutes before turning on your heater might help save some gas, but who wants to get in a cold car.

Motor oil: Motor oil thickens when it’s cold.  This makes it harder for the engine turn over on the first start of the day. Thinner oil grades and engine block heater can aid in cold-weather starting.

Battery: An older battery is more likely to give you issues during the cold weather. Keep your battery clean.  A dirty batter runs hotter and will shorten the life.  If your batter terminals are corroded, clean them, if the corrosion has gotten to the battery cables replace them.  If you need to replace your battery keep this in mind: make sure the battery fits your vehicle properly and provides the proper cold cranking amps.  A higher quality battery will last longer.

Keeping these tips in mind can help prevent any major issues with your car over the winter months.  Remember for all your insurance needs, Penny Hanley & Howley Insurance is here to help you.

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