Wedding Plans this Year?

wedding insuranceAre you planning a Wedding This Year?

If you are one of the lucky who may have got engaged over the holidays, you are now looking at planning a wedding in the very near future.  There are so many things to prepare for when planning a wedding, whether small or big. Where will you get married? What time of year will you choose to get married? Who will be the best man and made of honor?  How many guests will you be inviting? Will the wedding be catered or will you hold it at a restaurant? This is a special time for the bride and groom but can also be a bit hectic to say the least.  With all that you have to do, the last thing you need to do is worry.  What if the venue you chose suddenly went out of business? What if the bridal salon loses your dress?  Or even worse, your caterer backs out last second?  These are real scenarios that have happened to people. You can protect yourself if one of these scenarios happens with Wedding Insurance through Travelers.

Wedding Insurance can cover the following:

Cancellation or postponement

Additional expenses

Wedding photographs/video

Wedding Gifts

Special Jewelry

Lost deposits

Liability insurance (optional)

Liquor liability insurance (optional)

To find out what type insurance fits your needs best take this quick quiz.

Your wedding day is a special day that you will remember for the rest of your life.  We want to make sure you are protected for this special day.  Call your agent for more information on how to purchase Wedding Insurance.

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Protecting YOU is our Job


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