Small Business Advertising on a Budget

Small Businesses have a lot to deal with each day just to make ends meet and keep their doors open.  In this economy many small businesses look for ways to promote their business on a very low budget and still hopefully reach their audience.  As we’ve talked in the past there are many ways small businesses can do this on little to no money.

What we’ve found as a small business that has been working well for us is Facebook Ads.  Recently they have made some changes on Facebook Ads that can benefit all small businesses. You can choose to build an ad that will help increase page likes, page post engagement, website clicks, website conversion, offers and more.  You have the ability to really target your market area much easier now.  The ability to either choose to advertise by State, City or All.  You also have the ability to choose an age range to market to as well as occupation.  If you haven’t tried Facebook Ads up till now, you should give it a try.

small business ads

On a very small budget you can build an ad, choose your demographic area and decide how long you want to run this ad for.  We typically run our ads for one week at a time capping our daily spending limit to $5.00 a day.  We generally pick up 25-40 new likes on our page with this one week ad.

The other thing to watch is the new insights that Facebook has recently updated.  This helps you track where your traffic is coming from.  It breaks it down to age range of your fans, what states your fans are from, and how many people like, engage and share your posts and so much more.  These tools will help you when running your Ads, so you know whom and where to target those ads.

We hope you found this information helpful, as we know how important it is for small businesses to succeed and thrive in this economy.  Remember we are always here to assist you with all your small business insurance needs.

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