Travelers New Auto Rates

travelersRecently Travelers has started a new auto program called Quantum Auto 2.0.  Quantum was designed to offer more competitive pricing, offering lower rates for many drivers.

Have a teenage driver in the home? Premium impact reduced when adding a youthful driver to your policy.

Waiver for 4th & 5th year minor accidents when driver has been incident-free for last 3 years.

Here is a list of the new and enhanced discounts that may apply to your policy

  • Up to 15% continuous insurance discount
  • 2% electronic funds transfer
  • Up to 15% good payer discount
  • 10% Hybrid/Electric Vehicle discount
  • Up to 8% multi-car discount
  • Up to 13% multi-policy discount
  • Up to 21% Safe Driver discount
  • Up to 5% driver training discount
  • Up to 10% home ownership discount
  • Up to 10% home ownership discount
  • Up to 7.5% paid in full discount

Also will their new IntelliDrive program you can save up to 30% for low-mileage

With IntelliDrive, information is collected about where and how your vehicle is being driven. This data is then sent to a secure website for you to see.

As a parent, this information can be invaluable as you teach your teen to be a safe driver. IntelliDrive enables you to set the safe driving rules in your household and view the actual driving patterns with the vehicle. You can also sign up for email or text alerts to know when the vehicle is driven outside of your safe driving guidelines.

With all these new advances to Travelers Auto program maybe it’s time you give Travelers a try for yourself.  Give us a one of our agents a call today to see if we can save you money on your auto insurance policy.

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