28 Days Till Spring

28 days till springIt’s been a pretty snowy winter for most of the country this year.  As New Englander’s we know this is can be the norm for New England winters.  That doesn’t mean we like it.   But, on the upside there is only 28 days left till Spring.  Many of us are thinking with all this snow, Spring can’t come fast enough.

We look forward to the warmer weather, flowers blooming, getting outside and cleaning up around our houses after the long, snowy winter. But until then we have to get through another month of winter.  So for those that do enjoy the winter months, there is still another month of sledding with the kids, hitting the trails with the snowmobile and skiing to mention a few.

In the meantime you have to keep a few things in mind regarding the maintenance of your home during the winter.  With the amount of heavy wet snow we received over the last few weeks, be sure to keep your roof clear of snow and remove snow/ice from your gutters to prevent damage to your home.

Also remember to keep a path clear to your oil spigot so your oil delivery can be made easily. Be sure to also keep your dryer vents cleared of snow, to avoid potential fires. As the warmer temperatures approach later this week, we also have the potential for flooding issues. Try to clear the snow around your home, at least 1-2 feet away from the home, to prevent melting snow from running into your basement.  Also make sure that drains around your home are clear from snow as well to allow for proper drainage as the snow melts.

These few preventative measures will help keep your home safe and avoid any future claims due to the winter weather. If by chance you do have a claim, remember to give us a call and we will assist with the process.

Just remember that, there is only 28 days left before Spring is officially here.

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