Heavy Rains Cause Flooding

phh insurance flood insuranceWell Spring has arrived.  We will see warmer temperatures this weekend, but along with the arrival of warmer temps and spring comes rain.  This weekend in the Northeast we are expecting heavy rains Saturday into Sunday.  The National Weather Service is predicating 2 to 4 inches of rain across Southern New England, with likely a potential for flooding.

With this potential for flooding we need to make sure we are prepared.  The Travelers Insurance has some really good tips to prepare yourself and home for potential flooding issues.


  • Review your current homeowner’s insurance policy and become familiar with what is and is not covered, as damage due to flooding is typically not covered.
  • Inspect sump pumps and drains regularly to ensure proper operation.
  • If you own a generator, have a licensed electrician provide a transfer switch to your sump pump so you can operate it in the event of flooding.
  • To help prevent sewage backup, have a licensed plumber install an interior or exterior backflow valve.
  • Keep sandbags on hand to help divert unusually high water away from your foundation.
  • In snowy climates, flag drains to avoid plowing snow on top of them.
  • Learn the flood alert signals of your community.
  • Collect emergency building materials if you live in a frequently flooded area. These include plywood, plastic sheeting, lumber, nails, shovels and sandbags.
  • Plan and practice an evacuation route. Designate a place for family members to meet in the event they become separated.
  • Review with all family members how to shut off utilities in an emergency.
  • Plan a survival kit with important documents, including insurance documents, medications and critical items in the event you need to leave your home.
  • Promptly report the loss to your insurance agent

For any further questions feel free to give one of our agents a call at Penny Hanley & Howley Insurance.

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