When we hear the sounds of motorcycles, we know spring is here

motorcycle insuranceMost motorcycle owners are thrilled that winter has finally come to an end.  Time to get that bike out of the shed, clean it up and get out on the open road.  After the winter we had, we sure good use a good ride.  We need to make sure we are safe and protected while on the road.  From having the proper motorcycle insurance to having the proper gear to protect yourself.  Accidents happen unfortunately, but if you take extra precautions such as wearing a helmet and protective gear you have a better chance of less injury. Even though a helmet is not required over 18 in the state of Connecticut it is good practice to wear one for your own safety. As a family member of a motorcycle rider, I am ever more cautious to paying attention to the motorcycles on the road.  Leave a safe distant between you and the motorcycle in front of you as normal practice.  Be more attentive to your surroundings and the motorcycles on the road.

Here are the Connecticut State Laws for review regarding Motorcycles

  • Daytime Use of Headlight-Required by state law for vehicles manufactured during or after 1980
  • Eye Protection-Required by law unless equipped with windscreen
  • Handlebar Height-Prohibited above the height of operator’s shoulders
  • Mirror Left(L) Right(R)-One required by law
  • Muffler-Muffler required, baffles required, no cut-outs or straight pipes
  • Passenger Footrest-Required if carrying a passenger
  • Safety Helmet-Required by law under age 18, required for instructional permit holders
  • State Insurance Requirements-Compulsory Liability (Minimum Limits)(20/40/10) – 10% insurance discount for graduates of motorcycle rider education program
  • Turn Signals-Not required

We want you to get out there and enjoy this warm weather and not have to be concerned about whether you are properly insured or safe on the road. Give us a call to make sure you have your motorcycle properly covered. Drive safe and enjoy.

Penny Hanley & Howley Insurance

Protecting YOU is our Job



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