Simple ways to avoid a Loss of your property or home

homeowners insuranceThe thought of a loss of property or complete loss of your home can be devastating.  What’s even more difficult is when the loss was something avoidable.  Taking preventative measures in your home can help reduce the possibility of a future loss of your home or property.  These common causes below can be avoided and keep you and your home safe if you take the time to address them.

Kitchen Fires – one of the most common causes of a home loss starts in the kitchen.  This is due to food left unattended on the stove which many times can cause a grease fire.  If you have a grease fire, the best thing to use is baking soda or flour to put it out, never use water.

Candles – another common cause of home losses.  Never leave a candle burning near flammable materials. Always remember to snuff out your candles before leaving your home.

Smoking – smoking in your home not only leaves a film and smell in your home but can cause a house fire if a lit cigarette is left unattended in your home.  Make the effort to smoke outside your home to avoid this potential hazard

Dryer fires – when is the last time you cleaned out your dryer vent?  Built up lint in your dryer vent is another fire hazard for your home.  To avoid this hazard clean out your dryer vent at least once a month.

Property in your vehicle – don’t leave valuable items in your car, as this leads to the potential for theft

Washing machines – these are a common water loss claims.  At least once a year you should check your washing machine hoses to make sure they are not brittle, cracking or loose.  Typically you should replace your hoses every couple years.  Always remember to shut off the water to your washing machine when not in use.

Remember these few tips and avoid potential property or home losses. And to make sure you have the proper home and property coverage, contact Penny Hanley & Howley Insurance

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