Travel Season is Here: Essential travel tips

vacation, phh insuranceWe all look forward to the warmer weather, knowing travel season is upon us.  Whether you are traveling by car or plane, staying local or across the country, these travel tips can help make your travel a little more enjoyable.

Read Reviews: With the ability to access everything online these days make use of this. People write reviews and post them on line all the time.  Whether it’s a review on a hotel or restaurant, it’s good practice to read these to help you choose the best places to go.  A great site to check reviews is

Find a blogger: Blogging is very popular as you know and everyone has one.  Find a local blogger in the location where you are planning to visit.  A simple google search will find you a blogger that covers the area you are visiting and you may find some great tips just reading through these blogs.  From the most popular food spots, to local attractions and best places to stay.

Social networking: Make use of your friends on social networks.  Ask anyone if they’ve visited the areas you are planning to visit.  I bet someone has and will have some really great suggestions on places to check out.

The Bus: That’s right the bus, it’s not as unconventional as it may seem.  If you are looking to save some money and don’t want to drive yourself, then consider taking the bus to your destination. From the Bolt bus to the Megabus.  They are all new buses with perks including wi-fi.  Give it a chance you might just enjoy the change.

Use Your Miles: There is no sense holding on to these forever.  Typically most miles expire within 18 mths.  So why not make use of these on your next trip and save yourself some cash.  The cash you would have spent can now be used towards you vacation.

Travel Insurance: Travel Insurance is worth purchasing for big-ticket trips that are largely non-refundable. The typical plan will cover emergency medical expenses and baggage loss and delay, and recover at least some of the cost of your trip if your vacation has to be canceled or cut short.

5 Must Haves: Every traveler should have these 5 items when traveling.  A durable, lightweight bag on wheels, plastic ziplock bags, duck tape, your passport, and a slim digital camera.

Hopefully these tips will be helpful for your next vacation.

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