Local Gifts to Say Thanks Dad

father's dayFather’s Day is Sunday and we want to make sure not to forget our dad’s.  They have been such an important part of our lives.  From coaching our teams, to teaching us how to fish and how to change a tire, dad seems to know all the solutions.  So it’s important to thank dad for all he has done for us over the years.

Consider these local gift options this year.  Take dad out for a nice lunch or dinner at Basil’s Restaurant, then take him out for a drink after at the new Stafford Tavern.  Dad a coffee drinker?  Swing on over to Middle Ground Café and grab a gift certificate, he’ll be sure to enjoy that gift. What dad doesn’t like lawn equipment? Consider heading over to Festi’s Power Equipment & Oil for a new mower or weed trimmer.  You know this will make dad’s day for sure.

Is dad a race fan?  Well we have that solution right here in town at Stafford Motor Speedway.  Stop in and grab dad a pair of tickets for the next race.  He’ll be sure to enjoy a night of racing.

Now if your dad isn’t big on gifts, consider some other options.  Spend a nice day out with dad, whether you go fishing, take a nice hike, or ride together.  Take the time to reconnect with dad and really enjoy some quality time together.

Let’s not forget the dad’s that can’t be home for Father’s Day, the dads who are serving our country.  We thank you for your service and wish you a very happy father’s day as well.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.  Thanks for also being there for us and showing us the way.

Penny Hanley & Howley Insurance

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