7 Brilliant Hacks For Your Home Or Apartment

We all love great hacks that make our life a little easier.  Whether its saving space in your home, or finding a new convenient way to organize things.  Here are seven you’ve probably never considered and once you’ve seen them you’ll think, “How Come I didn’t think of that?”

1.Velcro remotes to your coffee table.  Sounds funny doesn’t it.  But how many times have you spent several minutes trying to find your t.v. remotes? They get lost in the couch cushions.  Not only does this save clutter on the coffee table, but you’ll know where they are at all times.

7 brilliant hacks for your home


2. Power strip in a drawer. Adding a power strip to your drawer will help you keep all your electronics charging in a nice neat area and out of sight.  It’s as simple as drilling a small hole in the back of your drawer, then pull the power strip through the back. It helps to leave the drawer cracked when charging to allow some air circulation inside.

7 hacks to make your life easy

3. Wine holder doubles as a towel rack.  This is pretty cool trick I’d say.  Any easy way to keep your bathroom towels organized.  Doesn’t take up a lot of space and looks nice.

7 hacks to make your life easy


4. Soda tabs on your hangers.  Sounds strange right?  But if you add a soda tab (which we all have plenty of that we just throw away) to your hanger, you can hang a second garment of it.  Now you are fitting more clothes in the closet and saving space.

7 hacks for your life

5. Bread tabs.  This is a great idea and so easy to do.  Use bread tabs as labels for your cords.  Attach them to each of your t.v., dvd, stereo and computer cords and label them.  This keeps them organized and easy to recognize which cord is which without guessing.

7 hacks to make your life easy

6. Put your phone in a cup.  Sounds strange already, right.  Well if you use your phone as your alarm or to listen to music and don’t have speakers…this is the trick for you.  Placing your phone in a cup (empty of course) helps to amplify the sound.  Give it a try next time and see if it works for you.

7 hacks to make your life easy

7. Ice removes furniture indentations.  Who really thinks of putting ice on your rug.  In this case it will actually help remove those indentations in the rug from furniture.  We all like to move furniture around for a change, but those indentations left behind can be annoying.  Place the ice in the area of the indentation, let it melt, vacuum over it and work the indentation out by rubbing with a towel.  Give it shot, what do you have to lose.

7 hacks to make your life easy

Hope these handy hacks will be helpful for you in your home or apartment.

Photos courtesy of Apartment Guide



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