Making Your Home or Apartment Eco-Friendly

making your home eco-friendlyWhether you live in an apartment or house there are many ways you can be environmentally-conscious.  Simple affordable changes to your daily routine and living space will make a big difference.  The way you decorate your home or apartment can impact your carbon footprint.

Take a look at these simple tips to turn your home or apartment into a green living space.

Sustainable Materials

Using sustainable materials can both improve the look of your living space as well as bring you closer to your eco-friendly goals.  Recycled materials such as bamboo along with soy-based products can make your home “greener”. Other eco-friendly materials include Teak, 100 percent cotton and wool, which are environmentally friendly. Many times you can find these products at local thrift shops or boutiques right in your home town.


You can illuminate your living space with light fixtures that are energy efficient and made with recycled goods, such as glass bottles.  Upcycling is an awesome trend that’s here to stay.  Taking old materials and transforming them into something new and decorative.


When choosing to paint your home or apartment, look for non-toxic paints.  Look for paints with zero VOC or low VOC on the label. VOC’s are volatile organic compounds that are not safe to breathe in.  Choosing either of these types of paints will ensure you continue to make your home or apartment eco-friendly.


Looking to give a facelift to your kitchen your bathroom?  Consider adding an eco-friendly touch such as bamboo.  A bamboo mat in your bathroom not only looks nice, but is durable and water resistant. Add some color to your space with organic cotton throw pillows.  You could even be creative and make decorative items using wine corks.

Going green will not only guarantee long lasting pieces but it won’t break the bank.

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