Amazing Things You Can Use Google For

google tricks and tipsGoogle for most of us is very important tool in our daily lives.  We use Google for everything it seems.  Well guess what there are even more amazing things you can do with Google that I’m sure many of you didn’t know you could do.  Be sure to give them a try for yourself and see.

Set a timer: You can use Google as a timer by entering the time in the search bar. Enter: set timer for 30 minutes

Tip Calculator: Just ask Google to calculate the tip on dinner…and it will do it. Enter: tip calculator

Movie Releases: Yes you can look up a movie release date, just ask Google. Enter: star wars release date

TV Guide:  Well not exactly but on the same idea.  You can use Google like a TV Guide and look up schedules of all your favorite shows.

Healthy Eating:  Well if you are looking to eat healthier you can pull up information of the food items you are looking to eat to see which the healthier choice is.  Enter: pizza vs. cupcake

Look up songs:  Yes you can look up songs from your favorite artist.

Books:  Looking for a special title or author, just enter their name and you’ll find all their books. Enter: books by Stephen King

Check Your Flight:  Need to know when your flight is leaving or delayed?  Just type in: Flight (your #) and the airline.  You’ll get all the information you need

Sunrise/Sunset:  Want to know when the exact time is for sunrise or sunset in your area?  Just ask Google.  Enter: sunrise Connecticut

Google Retro:  this one is just fun.  Type in Google 1998 to get a retro version of the search engine

Barrel Roll:  another fun one…and we all can use a little entertainment during the day.  Type in do a barrel roll and watch what happens to the screen.

These are some pretty cool tips and tricks you can use with Google.  Hope you enjoyed.  Have a great weekend.

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