Hurricane Preparedness for Your Business

phh insuranceIs your business prepared in case of a natural disaster?  Here are some tips from IBHS that can help your business be better prepared.

Businesses of any size can suffer a disruption at any time; however, small businesses have it tougher. While large organizations have more financial and physical assets both before and after a disaster, smaller businesses often lack the financial resources for recovery, the ability to spread risk across multiple facilities in different locations, and ready access to alternative suppliers. Yet, Mother Nature, man-made threats and other extreme events are not particular about who they strike, damage or disrupt. Recognizing this reality, one of the keys to survival for small businesses is preparing and planning for potential business disruptions of any kind.

Prepare a business continuity plan. Having an emergency plan in the event of a natural disaster will help your business quickly recover.

  • Verify employee, supplier and vendor contact information so you can check on their well being and communicate next steps for resuming normal business operations. Use the downtime before the storm hits to update your supplier and vendor contact information, as well as other important contacts, such as your bank or insurance carriers.
  • Identify an alternative site for business operations should your facility be unavailable following the storm. Be sure the location is equipped with any special supplies or equipment that will be needed to continue business operations.
  • Secure your vital records and data and be sure all your important information is backed up and accessible should you not have access to your computers or network.

Another measure to being prepared for any disruption from weather is having the proper Connecticut business insurance.  Penny Hanley & Howley Insurance can help you decide which coverage is best for your small business to keep you protected.

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