Saving Money On Back To School Shopping

back to school shoppingBack to school shopping is here and we all know the children want the best of everything that’s out there.  This can get tough on a family in this economy.  We as parents have to find creative ways to shop on a budget for school and still make the children happy.  Here are a few tips and tricks that might help you save some money when headed out for school shopping this year.

Hold off till school starts before buying your children the “trendy” gear.  Why, because what they like right now will change as soon as they see what their friends have.  Don’t waste your money now, as you’ll just have to buy it again.

End-of-Summer Sales

This is great time to hit the sales every store is already having.  You can save a ton on clothing this way, and lets face it they won’t be wearing winter clothing just yet.  So why not save money and grab some of their school clothing during these great sales.

Stick to the list

You know that daunting list you get from the teacher’s with the supplies needed?  Stick to it, because even though there is a ton of other cute supplies the children might like, more than likely they won’t use them.  So only get what’s on the list and save yourself some money.

Online Sites

There are a ton of online sell, trade and barter groups on Facebook.  Check these sites out and see if there is anything your children could use.  Not only do you save a ton of money, but you’re helping another parent by getting it off their hands. Also give craigslist a try under “Baby and Kids”.  You’ll find a variety of options to choose from.

Raid your cabinets

You’ll be surprised what you just might find.  All those office supplies you’ve been stocking up.  See if anything you have might already be on the teacher’s list.  Make a game out of it with the children.  Give them the list and let them raid your cabinet to see how many items they can find.

Back to school shopping doesn’t have to break the bank with these simple tips and tricks.  Hopefully you will find a few of these useful.  Happy Shopping!!!!

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