Sales Tax Free Week

tax free week ct

Sales Tax Week

Sales Tax Week is back in Connecticut August 17th through August 23th.    With three children, I will definitely be shopping this week. The school supply list alone will be a great savings not even mentioning the new school clothes  that need to be bought.  Kids grow way too fast.


The Tax Free Week includes all clothing and footwear costing less than $300 per item.  Goods that are not covered under the Tax Free Week include items that solely intended for use in sporting activities and accessories such as jewelry, watches, handbags etc.  To see the full list you can visit  CT.Gov


The National Retail Federation said parents will spend an average of $101 on school supplies, $231 on clothing and $124 on shoes. They are numbers that have increased since last year.


School will be back in full swing in the next few weeks. This is a great time to head out for school shopping and save on the sales tax this week.  With cost of everything rising, gas, utility cost and just the cost of living why not save some money when school shopping.


So why not take advantage of the Tax Free Week and get all your back to school shopping done and the money you save on taxes this week could get used for gas or other back to school needs your children might need.

And for more cost saving tips for back to school check out our blog Saving money on back-to-school shopping.

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