Well, that playtime in the snow was nice, Now What?

Hopefully our last blog post Snow Day Fun led to a magical day of playing in the snow!

photo: istockphoto







It seems another round of snow is upon us. Break out the last post, enjoy the snow and then when they’re too cold, and someone gets snow up their sleeve, or a snow-covered ice ball to the face, bring them inside, wipe away the frozen boogers and check out our new post about spending the rest of the day inside (where it is WARM!).
Here are some great tips for keeping busy and keeping sane while avoiding……

Child Painting his Baby Brother's Face






Make Valentines for the Grandparents (or other loved ones)

You know who loves a handmade gift? Grandma and Grandpa, Nana, Gramps, Poppy, Mia, Grammy or whatever you call them. They all LOVE handmade items from the kids with positively no regard for the workmanship (as it should be with grandparents). What a great opportunity to burn off some creative energy with the kids and make a lovely gift for the upcoming holiday.

photo: woohome

Here is a blog that has 30, count ’em 30 ideas! Some of my favorites were the make-your-own crayons and the heart garland.

Make Bird Feeders

When it’s cold outside, birds have to work extra hard to find food and stay warm.
Here are some blogs with clever ideas and clear pictures for making them.  Kids can build something and feel good about helping the birds.

1) Soda Bottle Bird Feeder
This is a great way to recycle some old items. I bet it would work well with clean paint stirrers instead of wooden spoons as well.

Click here for directions on how to make it

2) Recycled Materials Feeders
This blog focuses on using recycled materials like empty milk cartons to make the feeders. Change those pumpkins to snowflake stickers and you’re in business!

photo: sustainablog

Click here for directions on this and 4 other plans!

3) Heart Shaped Valentine Feeders 
Here is an early Valentine you can make for loved ones while you are cooped up in the house! These are so sweet and can be made into any shape depending on what you have in the kitchen.

photo: wineandglue

Click here for the blog post. This was one of the more informative blogs I have come across about this!

Sing a Song


This blog has a long list of adorable songs to sing and dance to set to tunes we all already know. Click here for the full list.

Some indoor ideas are tried and true for a reason and Legos are a great go- to in bad weather. Here are some links that have free printable plans for legos, which can give new life to a tired old Lego set. I even included an educational one (maybe you can sneak them in somewhere).

Balloon Powered Lego Car

photo: thecraftymummy

Make a Lego Maze

photo: science-sparks.com






Lego Free Instructions– Lego’s website has free plans for most if not all of their sets!

photo: lego

Indoor Scavenger Hunt


 Click here for the list! This blog gives some good starter ideas as well as suggestions for coming up with your own custom lists.


Fun with Everyday Items

This blog has some great ideas for use with stuff you truly do have lying around the house. I am pretty crafty and there were a few projects even I had never heard of! Check out the Sandpaper and Yarn or the Indoor Ice Skating. Click here for the full post.

photo: innerchildfun.com


 Watch a Movie

Ok, you’ve done lets of fun activities together, now it might be time to put on a movie for the kids so you can relax and enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine (hey, it’s been a long day cooped up with the kids- need I say more?)

Here is a list from Scholastic Books of the 100 best kids movies. This was really helpful as it was arranged by age, making choosing an appropriate one easier.  Some of my favorites include


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