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Spring Clean Stafford Springs

As you may have noticed, when the record breaking snows melted they revealed an excess of litter on many of the area roads.

We spotted a post in the Stafford Springs Community Bulletin Board on Facebook showing three year old twins, Aiden and Ian with the bags they had filled with trash picked up from the side of the road in their neighborhood here in town. After recovering from cuteness overload, we knew we had to get in touch with them to get the story behind the picture.

The picture was taken by the twins’ Grandma, local resident Kathy Cooley, who accompanies the boys on regular walks. “We go on frequent walks in my neighborhood, and have always picked up the garbage we see on the side of the road”, she says, “They always seem surprised that people would throw things out of car windows!” The twins, as well as their 18 month old younger brother (Who offers moral support from his stroller) have been helping clean up their neighborhood for awhile, but after seeing repeated posts online about the trash issue in town, Kathy decided it was time to post the picture looking to encourage other citizens to do their part to keep the area clean. “My hope is more people will get involved.”

So has seeing their hard word inspired you? Great, because it’s inspired us too! We’re holding a contest for the next month where everyone who posts a picture of themselves with trash they’ve picked up or in the act of cleaning up the town will be entered in a raffle to win a $50 gift card to a local restaurant of your choice! There are so many great places around here, we think you should choose one you love, or maybe try something altogether new.

Please post your pictures to our facebook page Penny Hanley and Howley and tag yourself in the photo to enter. Entries must be posted by June 16th 2015 at midnight EST to be eligible. Winner will be chosen at random from all eligible entries.

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